Merit Medals: Artists
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Our Artists: Meet the Merit Medals Team

Merit Medals Inc. works with incredibly talented artists from around the world to bring the brand and the collections to life. I’d like to share my personal gratitude for their efforts in making a little dream become a big reality.  -Steve (CEO & Founder)

Christian MatthewBrand Director
Awarded the "Keeping It Real Medal" for testing boundaries and pushing the brand forward with modesty and honesty.

Martín AzambujaIllustrator (Always Flowers, Christmas Kindness)
Bestowed with the "No Iterations Required Medal" for proving that incredible beauty can start with the very first draft.

Elena LazutinaIllustrator (Super Scholars)
Earned the "Perfect Palette Medal" for creating a bright & bold collection with amazing clarity and cohesiveness. 

Valen LimIllustrator (Holiday Heroes)
Winner of the "Master of the Mood Board Medal" for researching and understanding the key visual symbols and colors of the holidays.

Steven Mosier Creative Consultant
Bestowed with the "Break in Case of Emergency Medal" for being there 24/7 and working late nights on pressing deadlines.

Fionn BreenDesign Consultant (Incredible Influencers)
Awarded the "Modern Semiotics Medal" for evolving traditional symbols into a unique, modern vision.

Thoka Maer Design Consultant
Bestowed with the "Think Different Medal" for adding smart touches and whimsical ideas across collections.

Crystal Vinson – Product Photography
Winner of the "Meticulous Alignment Medal" for ensuring that all of the product images look amazing.

Jamie KueiWebsite Development
Awarded the "Pixel Perfect Medal" for making the many subtle and smart optimizations on this website.