Custom Merit Medals
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Custom Merit Medals

Merit Medals + Your Brand = Appreciation

Merit Medals is ready to support your brand. We help organizations and companies express gratitude towards their stakeholders, especially employees and customers.

Using the proprietary Merit Medal molds and the FlexClasp™ feature, we work with you to create custom cards and pins.

Key features of our custom program:

  • DESIGN: Work with our illustrators (or DIY).
  • SPECS: Any pin or card size that meets your needs.
  • QUANTITIES: Order minimum = 1,000 units.
Please get in touch with us for all of the details: 
  Custom Merit Medals - solutions for your organization

Are you a non-profit organized as a 501(c)(3)?
As part of our ‘Gratitude Attitude’ mission, we offer custom Merit Medals at cost. We know your donors and volunteers are critical to your success. We love to partner with charitable organizations to create custom Merit Medals that show appreciation to your community.