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FlexClasp: Pin or Hang

Merit Medals could have taken the easy path and made a simple lapel pin with a traditional pin & clutch clasp. But we didn’t.

We purchased and analyzed lots and lots of pins hoping to find a better idea. All of them stuck to the same solution with an attached nail. All of them.

We demanded of ourselves something much, much better: a keepsake medal that’s perfect for pinning – and hanging. 

Through experiments and iterations, we locked into a simple and effective design that meets our goals of being functional and ornamental too.

FlexClasp™ uses a removable nail that lets you either pin the medal into a garment or use the hole to hang and display. At the top of the medal, we’ve crafted a small hole for other uses including as a necklace or keychain.

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PATENTS PENDING: All products made by Merit Medals Inc. are protected by patents in the United States and elsewhere.